I'm a Florida and New York-based Internet Publisher, Travel Agent, and Concierge. 


I like to think of myself as a keen observer of human behavior. 


I apply these observations to a variety of fields and interests.

I'm a believer in low-cost and long-term index investing. 

I also believe in low-cost living, which I also detail on this website.

The goal is for this website to generate financial support through: supporters, members, and contributors. 

You can contribute any where from a one-time one-dollar contribution to up to $1,000 a Month. | 


Other interests include: Minimalism | Low-Cost Web Design | Web Management | Email | Writing | Internet |  | Lifestyle Design | Communication | Self-Development | Financial Planning | Budgeting | Events | Experiences | Real Estate | Lean Living | Low-Impact Living | Simplicity 


Patrick Baynes