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Click here for music feed.


I created a music feed (or channel).

I would be really happy if you would listen to it.

The goal is create Low Latency or Zero Latency . How cool would it be for tens, or hundreds, of people to listen to my channel all at once from around the country -- all over the world?


FAVORITE ARTISTS: Jay-Z | John Mayer | Paul Simon | Nas | Jack Johnson

Top Musical Platforms: Youtube Music | FM Radio | Spotify | Live Concerts | CD's | 

I still buy CD's to listen to in my car! You will find great music in the "nooks and crannies". Try THE CD EXCHANGE

I'd be more than happy to hear from you:

Who are your favorite artists? Know and great-but-obscure songs? What's your favorite medium to listen to music? 

Email/text/call/Google Meet/Post in the Message Boards!

Thank you.