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PHYSICAL PRODUCT RECOMMENDATIONS  | (Also a good gift guide for birthdays and holidays).


I could try to start a physical store shipping products from my home or a warehouse. 

I could also try the affiliate link model, where I get a commission from Amazon for recommending products. Maybe I will pursue affiliate marketing in the future.

For now, I will post links to products that I think are cool and useful.

If you like what I recommend, buy me a coffee on one-time basis, or become a subscriber.


HAND CRANK EMERGENCY RADIOS: I'll let you pick the color or brand. These are great because you can listen to AM/FM radio. They also service as flashlights, phone batteries. They also can be battery operated or charged on the wall.

INSTANT COFFEE: People laugh when I tell them I drink instant coffee. Its just way more efficient and easy to clean than brewing a pot of coffee. All you need to do is boil some water on a kettle or electric kettle.

CHEAP ANDROID PHONES: I rock the cheap Android generic phones. They work just fine. If you lose your phone, you can simple replace if for under $200 dollars. You don't need to deal with all of the stress of walking around with a $1000.00 phone. You would be surprised how much daily stress it relieves. With Google Fi. Google Fi, like all Android Services, is very intuitive, low-cost, and easy to use.


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