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1000 True Fans

Here is the link to the article by Kevin Kelly:

It's so good. You should read it.

Synopsis: Creators or services can make a good living by finding 1,000 Fans (also known as clients, supporters, etc. But the article is so well written that you should just read it in its entirety. There's a reason it became an internet classic, cited by so many thinkers and writers.

My Opinions and Notes on 1,000 True Fans:

1. The Math behind 1,000 True Fans is flawed. You don't need 100 Thousand a year to live well. You can get by in a low cost existence on, say, 50 Thousand, or so. So right off the bat, you only need 500 True Fans (at the $100 profit per fan concept). So yeah, 500 True Fans.

2. If you create huge value-per fan, you can hyper-focus on an even smaller number of clients or fans. Its a different math equation but it also works, and make actually be more gratifying. In theory, you only need 100 True Fans. Li Jin writes about this more elaborately in this article.

3. There is intrinsic value in having fans. So making $100,000.00 from a job you don't like, is better than making, say, $150,000.00 from a job that makes you miserable.

4. Even your fans that you don't get monetary contribution from create enormous value in terms of satisfaction, endorphins, and gratitude.

5. 1000 True Fans should, theoretically, be getting easier with advancements since this article. The rise of ease-of-use services like Stripe, Paypal, Venmo, etc. should open up the ability to collect payment from around the world.

6. The "Creator Economy" could get "crowded" or "saturated". When too many people are independently asking for money, it can feel weird. Sometimes you want to do business with a centralized provider. You see this with Wal-Mart and Amazon. You don't want to transact with too many people. It can be easier just to find a few merchants that you like as the middle man. It can feel strange giving your credit card to to many people. I think this is where services like Patreon can create value for Creators.

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