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Content Latency

What is "Content Latency"?

Content, like music and video, is either viewed collectively (Zero Latency), all at the same time, or individually, on your own schedule (High Latency).


"Zero Latency", for example, is something that cable television does very well, but the internet does very poorly. Zero Latency is when video or audio is displayed at the same time. If you subscribe to Cable Television, which was designed specifically for Zero Latency, everyone sees the Video or Audio at the same exact time more or less. FM and AM Radio is another good example of Zero Latency Media.


But with streaming services, like YouTube TV and Hulu, there is a slight lag and buffering, which makes they video a few seconds off for each viewer. This is "Low Latency".


An example of HIgh Latency is YouTube and Netflix. Content viewed on YouTube or Netflix is viewed on everyone's own schedule. You may hear coworkers or friends talking about content, and then you go and view it on your own time and schedule.


I am super interested in Zero Latency, because it creates community and collective experiences. That is why radio, live television, and Zero Latency media are so fascinating, There are millions of people watching or listening to content and at the same exact time with so many other people around the world - or in your Local Area Network (you city or local market)

Online Internet content either creates Low Latency with YouTube and Hulu, or people watch stuff on their completely own schedule like with Netflix and YouTube.

Cable Television still has a lot of value, if you can afford it, because of the Zero Latency aspect. --

Site Note: I also like Live Experiences (dining, sports events, concerts) and travel because of this. You create a social dynamic of Zero Latency. The people you are with are experiencing the "content" in-person at the same time.

If you are looking for ideas or concepts for "Zero Latency" shared experiences - just contact me! I am a Concierge, first and foremost, and I love organizing and recommending experiences and activities.

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