I'm Always Thinking About Moving

I like Sarasota. I really do. And I like my apartment.

But I'm always thinking about moving.

Some people are always thinking about traveling.

Moving and Traveling are two different things. That's obvious, but let me explore this further.


It's so fun to look on Zillow, Indeed, and all these other websites to see and examine the different geographical differences that are in other parts of the country.

The different architecture, economies, city planning, its all so fascinating.

It makes me wonder: Should I even consider buying a house?

If you know me, I'm always thinking about businesses and side hustles, etc. I think with the rise of remote work, a relocation services company could do really well.

Why would I buy a house when I just want to resell it after a year or two?


I like Sarasota. I'm just not sure if I love it.

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