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Live below your means. | An Introduction

I believe that irrespective of how much money you have, if you overspend - you wont have a lot of money.

There are many ways to save money.

Most people on the internet try to teach you how to make more money.

I was never a big time earner - so I don't think I can help you with that.

But, I've been able to save a reasonable amount of money just be being a smart saver and consumer.

The first things you want to try to save on is your rent, if possible. That should be your main priority. If you can live with family or close trusted friends, then you should seriously consider it. In economics, that is called economies of scale. Economies of Scale with regards to housing suggest you can be more efficient sharing a bathroom or kitchen. I feel in some ways that I waste a lot of my 1 Bedroom apartment.

For example, if you spend a lot of time at work or at the office, you can get away with "less apartment".

Next you want to save on food, you can buy in bulk and freeze things. This is more efficient that eating out a lot or spending your time, gas money, and frankly, stress of going to the grocery store all the time.

Thank you,

Patrick Baynes

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