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Rochester, NY

I was born and raised in Rochester, NY.

What a city.

I grew up in a neighborhood called The 19th Ward.

Rochester is a great mid-sized city.

I always wonder what my life would look like if I never moved from Rochester. I went to school K-12 there, but left for college.

Apart from The Summer of 2012, I don't really know what its like to live there.

But it still feels like home.




Braddock Bay | Totally underrated and underpublicized state park in the Northwest suburbs.

Letchworth State Park | It's reputation speaks for itself. "The Grand Canyon of the East."

Durand Eastman | "The Beach" | It's not the greatest beach. It is easily accessible though and has some really great vendors and concerts during the summer.


The Finger Lakes | Buffalo | Syracuse | Toronto | Thousand Islands | New York City

Sports | Buffalo Bills | Rochester Red Wings | Buffalo Sabres | RIT Tigers Hockey

THE ARTS | Rochester's Art scene is pretty great.

The Cinema | | Classic Movie Theater based in the Swillburg Neighborhood.

Movies 10 |

The Little Theater

Eastman Theater

Food and Beverage | Abilene | THe Distillery | Country Sweet

Stores and Shopping |


Barrio | | Barrio is a casual, independent neighborhood clothing brand offering a full range of Rochester, NY ROC caps.

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