The Cost of Space vs. The Cost of Stuff

I was thinking about all the stuff sitting around my apartment lately.

I thought: The cost of storing all the miscellaneous things around my apartment goes up as rents go up.

What does this mean for all the products people buy on a daily basis?

One early lesson I learned from investing in Collectibles was the: Cost Of Storage.

Even if a Collectible goes up in value, you have to subtract the cost of storing it.

As rental prices go up, space is at more of a premium.


Do you really want or need your valuable space cluttered with things you don't really want or need?


My plan and strategy is to: Sell off my collectibles. The macro-value of things like collectibles lose value as the price of space goes up.

Price Appreciation - Cost of Storage = Profit.

Will my collectibles increase fast enough.

Also: what does that do to the secondary market for people who cannot afford as much space as they used to?

I was bullish on the collectibles market a year ago, but not so much any more.


I am bullish, now, on: living on less space: Move to a smaller apartment. Rent a Room out.

This requires less stuff.

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