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Thinking about Mediocrity in America

Team America.

America used to be a great place to be mediocre, or “one of the guys/gals”.

…Let me start by saying: I’m not even sure if I believe or know what I’m writing or talking about here….

From what I understand, America used to have a great “middle class”lifestyle. This may or may not be true, or it may be misconstrued or misrepresented.

Popular literature describes the middle class “Joe” as a great existence.

Now the focus is on the exceptional. If you aren’t exceptional, then you’re bad. It feels “binary”

That’s what it feels like! That’s the major message in Modern Day America.

We used to be playing 12-player basketball, or 53-player football. Now it's all about the exception to that team. It used to be great being a “role-player” to use sports terms.

Now it's all about “The Stars”.

Somewhere along the line, the story changed.



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