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Why “Underemployment” is Important -- but also “Insidious”

December 2021


Why “Underemployment” is Important, but also “Insidious

Ahh, Underemployment.

Where do I even start?

On a more serious note:

Underemployment plays a significant role in the American Labor marketplace.

The Underemployed show a willingness to work a job that does not match their “credentials”.

Is it a sign of virtue? Hardly.

Most probably just “need or want the money.”

But it stands for something.

Imagine if we all waited around for the “perfect job”?

Our economy couldn’t function. We would be in a perpetual “Labor Shortage”.

But lets not romanticize it.

Underemployment can also be insidious.

Imagine waking up every day to a job that is unable or unwilling to utilize your abilities and skills?

That’s not easy.

So what's the solution??

Well, there is no easy solution. There isn't even a semi-easy solution. This is going to be just one another “American Challenge”.

But we want people to know that people are listening, and watching. People want to be employed at the level of their true skills, talents, and efforts.


I think: Labor Economists should consider tracking an "Underemployment Rate" in addition to the "Unemployment Rate".

I think they would be surprised with the results.

Thank you for reading.

We will continue to “plug away” at the challenge known as “Underemployment".

Ideas and feedback to Calls and texts are welcome at 212-729-1150.


Patrick Baynes

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