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Wrestling with the Initiative of: “American Innovation: For All.”

December 2021


It won’t be easy.

America, the country, self-proclaims that is is some form of “Innovation Nation”.

But is it, really? Sure. I agree. Americans make for incredible innovators.

But for who? Is it for all??


In a nation of growing income inequality, we must ask ourselves a myriad of questions. These questions could go on all day, all year, all decade.

I decided to focus on one: Who gets to decide who gets to “innovate”? Is “innovation”, “enterprise” and “financial progress” an exclusive realm? For the conventionally “educated”? Those that “look” great, “sound” great??

It may be time for a “reset of credentials”.

We’ve become a nation of credentials and credential-ism. Does this work? Did it ever?

But: these credentials are antiquated, entrenched, outdated, and grounded in a questionable past.

I will edit this blog post soon.

I am wrestling: Who gets to innovate? Who gets placed on the proverbial Back Burner? Is it required that you “choose yourself”? Why do some people spend their lives swimming against the proverbial “tide”?

And if there is a tide, will that tide ever turn??


Patrick Baynes

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